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Recruitment Services

Human resources play vital role to every organization’s core business. Selecting the right people for your team equals success and efficiency. That’s why our recruitment specialists analyze and identify the exact profile you need and meet you with the best match for your team.

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General Staffing

Easy Consult has successfully supported a wide range of businesses across the country - from Retail through Production, Transportation and Logistics in fulfilling their staffing needs. No matter if it is about well-trained blue-collar or administrative staff, our team has been delivering in a time-efficient, yet highly professional manner.

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Professional Staffing

We will hire a team of developers for your 3 or 10 month project, Chief accountant for your finance department, Marketing director to develop your company strategy or any other expert and managerial role to become part of your team for short or long term, it all depends on your specific requirements and preferred temporary model.

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За връзка с отдел Продажби, обадете се на (+359) 886 622 238 или пишете на sales@easyconsultbg.com

При желание от Ваша страна да получите предложения за някоя от услугите, които предлага Изи Консулт и при интерес от провеждането на среща с представител на търговския отдел на фирмата, може да се свържете с нас чрез формата вдясно. При първа възможност, представител на фирмата ще се свърже с Вас за уточняване на детайлите.

Looking for a job?

Looking for job?